• The BiroBox Workshops: A Brief History
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The BiroBox Workshops: A Brief History

The BiroBox Workshops was a bi-monthly audio-visual night run by Origamibio and hosted at The Malt Cross: a beautifully renovated burlesque theatre become bar, music venue and gallery in Nottingham.

The ethos of the night was to showcase performances, artworks, music and installations- basically anything that might have an interesting creative angle to it and that encouraged the audience to engage with it, understand it or even play with it.

In the end we only ran the event four times in 2009 as we began to put more energy into other elements of Origamibiro but I’m proud of how the events turned out- particularly the atmosphere we managed to generate which was relaxed, inclusive, perhaps a bit noisy and haphazard but always enjoyable, positive and inquisitive. We had some great people taking part and helping out too. Thank you to all of you who took part either by showing work or just by turning up.

Here is a list of all the artists involved in chronological order:

Visual Display Unit

Vastik Root

Dan Tombs & Luke Abbott

Ian Pink

Owen Baxter

Jonathan Gillie

The Accidental Animator

Moocha with Ellen Casey

Max Hattler & Noriko Okaku

Robert Squirrell

Relmic Statute

Go to my work section for a mini image archive of The Workshops.






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