• Backstage Walkabout: Vrijplaats, Leiden
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Backstage Walkabout: Vrijplaats, Leiden
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This was the last stop on the continent on our autumn tour- this time in Holland. In huge contrast to the immense scale of Union Chapel, this was a very cosy affair.

This upstairs theatre/cinema venue was part of a DIY mini squat complex in progress and the latest incarnation of a long tradition of organised under the radar artistic activity in the town.  Well equipped with good PA, classic cinema seats, bar, free online jukebox. Nice. Every live gig we do outside of the UK  also includes a typewriter supplied by the venue which always adds intentional variety/surprise/challenge for our set. The portable Smith Corona featured here was no exception given that it had a missing ribbon take up reel- we had to improvise by taking old printer cartridges apart. It worked a treat tho…

Thanks to everyone at Vrijplaats


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