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“It is in the little details that the performance elevates itself into more than just a show, a gig, beautiful music; it becomes art, a spiritual experience. Several times I felt myself welling up and yet I couldn’t quite tell you why, other than I was genuinely moved by what I was experiencing” Come To Where I’m From

Since beginning to work with video over 20 years ago I have produced a range of moving image works including live visuals, av performances, short films, music promos, installations and art objects. I have come to specialise in addressing the inherently anomalous process and practice of live audio-visual performance: how it works, how it is interpreted, how it is misunderstood, how it doesn’t work, where to start, where to stop.

“You can’t help but be impressed by Origamibiro’s audio-visual mechanics. A revelation” NME 

Origamibiro is a collaboration between myself and musicians, performers and producers Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh. Since forming in 2007, Origamibiro has released four albums to date: ‘Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks’, ‘Shakkei’, ‘Shakkei Remixed’and ‘Odham’s Standard’. We strive to experiment with and refine the use of unorthodox contraptions, found objects, video feeds and multi instrumentalism through live looping and layering of texture, atmosphere and emotional intensity.

” What Origamibiro and The Joy Of Box have on stage together is something totally organic. Utilising all manner of electronic technology and combining it with the flick of a dog eared book or the heavy fingered tap on an old typewriter they achieve a highly emotive and immensely satisfying experience on all levels” Oh Francis magazine 

Origamibiro have played at various music and arts festivals and events in the UK and Europe. We have also performed at the Tate Modern and The Hayward Gallery in London, screened at The Edinburgh Film Festival and The Liverpool Biennale, were nominated shortlisters and voted finalists at the 2012 Vimeo+ Awards, nominated for best production at The Dublin Fringe Festival and voted best act of Simple Things Festival 2012 by the NME.


Under the solo names of Jim Boxall, eyelidnod, Biclops and my collaborative project av_dv with Jon Gillie, I have provided visuals for the likes of Wauvenfold, DJ Krush, Susumu Yokota, Autechre, Plaid, Do Make Say Think and Mira Calix amongst others. As part of the groundbreaking audio-visual collective Soxan I have performed alongside VJs such as Hexstatic, Addictive TV, Eclectic Method, D-Fuse and Yeast, as well as performing at five of the Big Chill music festivals since 2002. More recently I have collaborated with live artists and performers such as jazz musicians Theo Travis and Jan Kopinski, vocal artist Melanie Pappenheim, sculptor and musician Steve Hubback and digital artists Noel Murphy and Raphael Lozano-Hemmer.<p>

I have even been known to play live visuals for John Peel on BBC Radio One although I think it somehow got lost in translation…

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